Tesla replacing bricked Model S and X screens for free

This isn't recall, instead the company is just fixing broken units

Some Tesla Model S and Model X drivers have been reporting that their infotainment screens are blacking out.

Telsa is aware of the issue and offering a free fix to people with affected cars. According to Autoblogthe issue is related to faulty 8GB eMMC memory cards within the system.

That said, the free fix only applies to vehicles made within the last eight years but before 2018, which should be a majority of them anyway. Tesla says that newer models use larger 64GB memory cards, so they don’t need this fix.

The faulty screen doesn’t affect how the car drives, but it does mean that you won’t be able to adjust the temperature controls, see your rearview camera or use anything else that involves the screen until it’s fixed.

To be clear, Tesla isn’t issuing a recall but instead is just fixing affected vehicles as they pop up.

Source: Autoblog