OnePlus’ fourth Nord model to include ‘SE’ subtitle

More lower-cost OnePlus devices are on the way

OnePlus hasn’t even finished releasing all of its Nord-branded phones from 2020, but it appears that it’s working on another model for 2021.

So far, the company has released the extremely well-regarded Nord, and it’s following that up with two lower-cost phones named the Nord N10 5G and the Nord N100.

Now, the Nord SE has leaked courtesy of Android Central. The publication says that the phone will feature an AMOLED screen and the ultra-fast Warp Charge 65 tech from the OnePlus 8T and a 4,500 mAh battery. These are all impressive specs, but with mid-range to low-cost phones, it’s less about what hardware they feature and more about the specific corners the smartphone manufacturer decided to cut.

For instance, while the first Nord was an excellent device, the second N10 5G Nord was more disappointing.

The Android Central report says that OnePlus is planning to release the phone sometime after the OnePlus 9, which will likely be revealed in March of 2021.

The Nord lineup offers a lot of promise, but as I stated above, OnePlus needs to make sure it cuts the right corners when releasing its budget-oriented phones. For instance, focusing on features like the camera over the screen or processor can sometimes make a low-cost phone feel cheap.

Source: Android Central