XCOM 2 Collections is now available on iPhone and iPad

One of the best turn-based strategy games makes its way to Apple's mobile devices

Feral Interactive has released an iOS and iPadOS version of Firaxis Games’ turn-based tactics video game XCOM 2 Collections.

Back in 2016, the title was released for PS4, PC and Xbox One. Additionally, a Switch port dropped in May 2020.

XCOM 2 Collections features four DLC packs that offer no in-app purchases. However, given the game costs $34.99 CAD, it better not include additional in-app purchases.

Feral Interactive has revamped XCOM 2 Collections UI with mobile touchscreen input in mind and now calls it the “Command Interface. Of course, the game’s classic turn-based combat remains intact, and you’re also still able to customize each soldier’s look, loadout and abilities.

XCOM 2 Collections requires iOS 13.1 or later and 8.5GB of free space, but the App Store recommends having at least 17GB available to avoid installation issues.

Supported iPhones include iPhone 6s and above and the iPad mini 5th generation and newer.

You can download XCOM 2 Collections from the iOS App Store for $34.99.