Rogers 100GB mobile data plan includes six months of free Apple Music

It's not cheap, but the data is there if you need it

Rogers has started offering a 100GB mobile data plan, which also comes with six months of Apple Music Premium.

If you’re looking for a massive data plan in Canada, Rogers is your only bet with its 100GB unlimited plan.

The 100GB plan costs $175 per month if you bring your own phone. That said, it also comes with a free tablet plan for 24 months of service. This tablet plan will cost you $10 per month after that year, but both the paid version and the free trial come with 1GB of shareable data as well.

Like the carrier’s other unlimited plans that range from $85 to $125, the giant plan comes with six months of free Apple Music Premium so people can stream a ton of music.

If you’re unfamiliar with the telecom’s unlimited plans, their name is a little misleading. If you started paying for the 100GB plan you would get access to 100GB at LTE speeds. Then, if you go over that maximum data limit you’ll still be able to access the internet, but on 3G-like speeds of 512kbps. This is fast enough for most simple web-based tasks, but not for streaming video or other more data-intensive tasks.

If you don’t already own a tablet, you will need to buy one to take advantage of this new deal.

Source: Rogers