The YouTube Music app is getting better on TVs

But it's not nearly good enough in most cases

Google is rolling out some updates to the variety of places that YouTube Music is available on TVs to help people access their tunes.

The first part of the update comes to the YouTube app on TVs. Earlier this summer, Google added a Music section to the YouTube app, but now people can see their saved playlists and liked songs within it. This section should also look nicer, making it easier for people to navigate their music libraries on a TV.

This means that even if you have an Apple TV or a Roku, you can still access your music via the YouTube app.

If you have an Android TV device (including the new Chromecast with Google TV), you get even more Youtube Music functionality.

Google is straight-up replacing the now-defunct Google Play Music app with the YouTube Music app. This version of YouTube Music allows people to access music they’ve uploaded to the service themselves. Android TV devices with Android 9 or newer that feature the revamped home screen that came along with that update will start to see a new YouTube Music row on the home screen to help users easily start playing their favourite songs.

Finally, this version of the app is also getting a new playback screen to showcase song and artist info as the song plays. YouTube says “these new features are just the beginning.” In the coming months, “YouTube Music Premium users will be able to continue playing music in the background after exiting the app, similar to YouTube Music on mobile.”

These updates appear to be rolling out now, but may take some time to reach all users.

Source: YouTube