Freedom Mobile offering $35 for 11GB if you switch from Telus, Koodo

The deal is only available for a limited time

Freedom Mobile is now offering a pretty good promotion if you switch over from either Koodo or Telus.

The promotion gives you 11GB of data for $35 if you’re switching over from either the British Columbia-based carrier or its sub-brand.

According to a Freedom Mobile employee, this deal is currently available to customers who want to purchase a new smartphone and have the option to purchase a two-year ‘Absolute Zero’ plan or bring their own device.

Currently, with Koodo, I have 11GB of data for $55, so if I swapped over, I’d be saving $20 a month — and I thought 11GB for $55 was a good deal.

Freedom says this deal is a limited-time offer.

Source: Freedom Mobile