B.C. to start using the federal COVID Alert app in the coming weeks

There's still no specific date for when the app will be available

As more Canadian provinces start using the Federal COVID Alert app to help notify people if they’ve been exposed to COVID-19, the bigger question is when all provinces will adopt the platform.

Two notable holdouts have been Quebec and British Columbia, with the former province deciding to adopt the app last week. Now, in a recent tweet. the B.C. government says that “it’s in the works.”

The tweet, which is penned by the province’s top doctor, Dr. Bonnie Henery, says that the federal government is working with “individual provinces sequentially,” and that B.C. is in talks to develop a solution that’s right for the province.

There’s no official timeline for when the province will gain access to the app, but Dr. Henery says, “I know we are on the to-do list for some time in the coming weeks.”

The app is already available in Ontario, Manitoba, many Atlantic provinces and Saskatchewan.

Source: BC Government News (@BCGovNews)