People are downloading iOS 14 much faster than iOS 13

iOS 14 looks set to hit 30 percent adoption in the same amount of time it took iOS 13 to hit 20 percent

iOS 14 adoption has reportedly outpaced iOS 13, with Apple’s latest mobile operating system reach almost 30 percent adoption in five days. For comparison, iOS 13 adoption reached 20 percent after seven days.

The data comes from Mixpanel (via MacRumors), and shows 27.69 percent adoption as of Monday, September 21st — five days after iOS 14 became available to the public. A day later, the number jumped to 29.03 percent, putting it on track to hit 30 percent adoption by day seven.

9to5Mac suggests that new iOS 14 features, such as widgets and the revamped home screen experience, are motivating people to download the new software. iOS 14 boasts several significant changes and improvements, including picture-in-picture (PiP), new privacy features and more.

Plus, the new widgets have garnered significant traction from people online, with social media trends cropping up around home screen aesthetics and other customization ideas.

It’s also worth noting that iOS adoption typically happens much faster than then new Android releases. However, this adoption is even faster than usual.

9to5 also notes that Apple tends to release official iOS adoption numbers once the new software passes the 50 percent mark. Typically, that happens about a month after release. If the iOS 14 adoption trend keeps up, we could see it pass 50 percent more quickly, which means Apple may release its official data sooner than usual as well.

Source: Mixpanel Via: 9to5Mac