Google launches ‘Market Finder’ tool for Canadian businesses

The tool is designed to help small businesses reach international markets

Google is launching a new tool called ‘Market Finder’ in Canada to help businesses grow their operations internationally.

The tool is aimed towards small and medium sized businesses, and helps them identify the best international markets for their products or services.

“The internet has broken down international trade barriers, making it possible for even small and medium-size businesses to become truly global players. But taking those first steps into the wider world can be daunting,” Matt McHale, the head of scaled sales at Google Canada, said in a blog post.

Google notes that the tool offers resources to help businesses move into international markets and recommends digital marketing solutions that can be used to create an audience abroad.

When using the tool, businesses will first create their global business plan and Market Finder will then recommend the best market for their business.

“Once you’ve decided on your next market, use our tools, guides, and resources to plan the next steps of the journey to your new global market. Market Finder will help you navigate areas like localization, international payments, and logistics,” McHale notes.

The tool will then help businesses consider factors like the best language to advertise in, which devices their customers are using, and how to best reach them. Market Finder will then help businesses make  these kinds of marketing decisions with data and customer insights.

Market Finder was previously only available in the U.S., Italy, U.K., and France but is now available to Canadian businesses in both English and French.