Fortnite on iOS, macOS to lose cross-play, only work with other Apple devices

It seems you'll still be able to enjoy Fortnite on Apple platforms, but only as the game currently exists with no new content updates and without players on other platforms

Fortnite on iOS

Epic Games confirmed that Fortnite on Apple device will essentially become a separate platform, losing support for cross-play multiplayer with non-Apple devices.

The news comes as Epic confirms the game also won’t get the next season of content. You can read the full details of that here — in short, Apple removed Fortnite from the App Store over the addition of a direct payment method. Epic refuses to remove it and Apple refuses to allow Fortnite on its platforms with that feature still in the game.

As such, it should come as no surprise that Fortnite players on iOS and macOS won’t be able to play with people on other systems. Without an update, the players on Apple devices won’t have all the new content that comes in the season. Fortnite often brings updates to the map, new cosmetics and other in-game rewards with each season. But this time around, nothing will change for people with Apple devices.

The Verge points out that Fortnite can be installed through Epic’s own launcher on Mac, which theoretically means the company could still update that version of the game. It remains unclear why macOS will get left behind, whether it’s a choice on Epic’s part due to the ongoing legal battle, or a restriction from Apple.

Fortnite fans on Apple platforms will still be able to play the game, but it looks like they’ll be restricted to only playing with players on other Apple devices on the game’s current patch — ‘version 13.40.’ It’ll be a small comfort as everyone else moves onto the exciting new content without them.

Source: The Verge