Instagram rolling out ‘Suggested posts’ on the Home screen

Instagram is finding new ways to keep you entertained

Instagram is rolling out a new feature called ‘Suggested posts’ that will add new posts to the end of each users’ Homepage.

This new feature pops up at the bottom of the users’ Homepage instead of just cycling back into the previous day’s posts. Now when you see the page that says, “You’re all caught up,” the post below it is an AI-suggested post based on your interests.

Suggested posts will be different from the Explore page since it will show you posts from other users that are directly related to things you follow, according to The Verge. The Explore tab, on the other hand, shows posts related to similar interests to yours.

This means that if you’re really into shoes, your Suggested posts will show you more shoe pictures while your Explore tab might show more images related to fashion in general.

The Verge article also mentions that users also have the option to see older posts like they currently do if they don’t like the change.

Instagram has been moving further away from a simple image sharing platform to more of a robust social media platform with the addition of the Tik Tok equivalent Reels and by integrating into the Messenger platform. 

The platform still has its ‘Your Activity’ tracking dashboard, but as it adds more features, particularly one that makes your Homepage endless, it seems like it cares less about how long users spend on it each day.

Overall, Suggested posts sound like something that Instagram already had since so many other online platforms are leaning into AI-generated content feeds, so I don’t mind it being here. That said, as someone who just likes the photo-sharing section of the platform and seeing my friends’ posts this update might be a little too much for me.

Source: The Verge