OnePlus Nord devices reportedly suffering from display tint issues

OnePlus says a slight discolouration is normal, but these tint issues are quite extreme

OnePlus’ newest phone, the affordable Nord, reportedly has some display tinting issues.

Several user reports emerged on Reddit and the official OnePlus Forums detailing early adopters’ issues with the screen. Nord owners report that at lower brightnesses, and especially in dark mode, the display develops a green or purple tint.

9to5Google asked OnePlus about the display issues, and the company provided the following statement:

“OnePlus Nord comes with a high quality 90 Hz AMOLED screen. Under specific circumstances of low brightness, a slight display discoloration [sic] may occur due to the properties of the AMOLED display – this is characteristic of all OLED displays and the degree of discoloration [sic] will vary depending on other properties of the display. This is not a quality issue and will not affect daily usage or the durability of the screen. OnePlus will continue to look into cutting-edge display technologies and strive to deliver the best user experience possible.”

It’s worth noting that the OnePlus 8 Pro had similar issues at launch. Thankfully, OnePlus was able to resolve it with a software update. Hopefully the same is true with the Nord and that the problem isn’t a deeper hardware issue.

OnePlus Nord (right) with OnePlus 8 Pro (left)

9to5Google confirmed that its review unit also had the display tinting problem. The publication notes that under about 20 percent brightness, the Nord develops a significant yellow or green tint. However, keeping the brightness over 60 percent alleviates the problem.

Although not a proper solution, for Nord owners, it could be a way to keep using the phone until OnePlus does offer a fix. Considering the problem is more pronounced when using dark mode, keeping your phone in light mode could also help reduce the issue.

Image credit: OnePlus Forums user Mat_Thieu

Source: Reddit, OnePlus Forums Via: 9to5Google