Digital pharmacy service Pillway launches in Canada

This might be especially helpful to the elderly who are in full quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic


Canadian pharmaceutical company Simpill Health Group has launched an all-digital pharmacy service called Pillway in Canada.

Pillway uses artificial intelligence to personalize patients’ experience, providing them with advice, reminders to refill and renew prescriptions and more.

AI-powered suggestions could come in the form of predicting patients with high risk of medication non-adherence and providing them with additional reminders and virtual check-ins with pharmacists. Patients will also be able to have medications delivered straight to their door monthly at no additional cost.

All the while, the platform allows patients to connect via a secure line to their doctors for any assistance they may need. Further, a companion Android and iOS app also allows users to receive automatic medication reminders and store their allergy lists and benefits information. On the healthcare professional side, Pillway provides EMR integration, APIs for feedback and compliance and care provider dashboards.

Pillway is accredited by the Ontario College of Pharmacists and College of Pharmacists of British Columbia and is available in Ontario, B.C. and Alberta.

Image credit: Pillway

Source: Simpill Health Group