Rogers donating phones with voice and data plans to women’s shelters in B.C.

The devices will help women in vulnerable situations access support and stay in touch with loved ones

Rogers is partnering with several women’s shelters in B.C. to provide complimentary devices with six months of free voice and data plans.

The national carrier says that the COVID-19 pandemic has revealed urgent needs among Canada’s at risk communities who may be stuck at home with an abusive family member.

“Whether calling emergency services, accessing support, or staying in touch with loved ones, the donations are aimed at helping vulnerable women with their immediate and crisis needs,” said Rick Sellers, president of the B.C. region of Rogers Communications, in a press release.

The donated phones and plans are also meant to help women find secure housing with assistance from city staff. It will also allow the women to access other services provided by shelters in their area.

The devices have been donated to eight women’s shelters in the province, including the Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre, the Helping Spirit Lodge Society and the Okanagan Nation Transition Emergency House.

Rogers is also partnering with Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland to donate devices and tablets with six months of free service to ensure families can get access to the digital tools and services they need.

Source: Rogers