PlayStation’s State of Play reveals more about upcoming game ‘Ghost of Tsushima’

'Ghost of Tsushima' comes out on July 17th for PS4

Sony’s PlayStation has finally revealed more about the game Ghost of Tsushima

During the recent State of Play, Sucker Punch showcased more about the upcoming title including how the ‘Ghost’ versus samurai gameplay works. Ghost gameplay revolves around the main character Jin Sekai travelling around taking down bases as an assassin equipped with smoke bombs, shuriken and firecrackers that can distract enemies. Whereas samurai gameplay involves the character heading into a base with a more direct approach.

Sucker Punch also showed off the exploration, showing that when a user wants to mark down a location and travel to it they’ll be guided by the wind, but also how the environment might lead the player to a secret location or item with a weird-looking tree or an animal.

While the player can’t create their own character, they can customize Jin’s armour, which provides different effects as well as what Onamori charms he’s wearing. Onamori charms provide special effects that’ll help the player.

Ghost of Tsushima also has a photo mode allowing users to take videos and pictures of their gameplay. Additionally, players can choose to turn on the Japanese voice track option from the very start and even use a samurai video mode that turns the game black and white, makes the game even windier and provides more dramatic music just like an old-style samurai movie.

Ghost of Tsushima comes out on July 17th for PS4.