Google Assistant ‘Your Places’ now lets users check weather and traffic with a tap

This is a server-side update that hasn't widely rolled out to everyone

Google app on Pixel 2 XL

Google lets users save places they’ve been as ‘Your Places’ in Assistant, such as your work office, your home, your go-to supermarket and more.

Now, Your Places will let users check the weather and traffic in and around those locations manually.

To find the update, head to the ‘Your Places’ tab in Google Assistant’s setting menu. Below your different locations, there’ll now be two different options, ‘Check Traffic’ and ‘Check Weather.’

Before the manual buttons, users would have to ask Google Assistant about the traffic on the way to their specific location and the weather around that place as well, but that would lead to the Assistant talking, which sometimes isn’t preferable.

This is a server-side update available in the latest version of the Google app, so it should appear on everyone’s devices shortly.

Source: Android Police