Apple selling refurbished 5th Gen iPads for $299

This is a pretty cheap price for an iPad

If you’re looking for an extra device to have around the house while stuck inside, this deal for a $300 iPad from Apple is hard to beat.

In case you didn’t know, Apple also operates a refurbished store where it sells used products that have been fixed. These devices are often just like new and offer decent discounts.

Right now, Apple is selling the 5th Generation iPad from 2017 for $299 CAD. That model comes with 32GB of storage, a 9.7-inch screen and Apple’s A9 chip. Notably, this is is slightly smaller than the 10.2-inch, so if you plan to buy a case for it, make sure you look at the dimensions to ensure it’s compatible with the older device.

If you want to step up and get the larger 128GB storage option, it will cost you an extra $100, coming to a total of $400. These are the two cheapest iPad models on the site, but there are varying options and sizes if you want something more expensive.

Apple’s brand new base-level iPad costs $429 and also comes with 32GB of storage.

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Source: Apple