The Heart and Stroke Foundation goes virtual with its ‘Ride for Heart’ event

The virtual event will raise funds for heart disease and stroke research

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Heart & Stroke Foundation’s ‘Ride for Heart’ event is transitioning to a virtual format.

“This year’s Ride for Heart will look different. What hasn’t changed is our shared commitment to push Heart & Stroke’s important work forward,” said Heart & Stroke Foundation chief marketing officer, Geoff Craig, in a recent statement.

“With the support of people across Canada who will get active during the Virtual Ride for Heart. We will be able to continue our critical work and support people living with heart disease and stroke.”

With the event going forward, anyone participating can choose from running, biking or joining an online exercise class. The organizer cautions anyone attempting their activity outside. Participants must follow the directions and respect rules around physical distancing.

Anyone who registered for the in-person event is automatically signed up for the virtual event.

To register for Ride for heart, go to the event’s website.