Vidéotron issues warning about scams related to COVID-19

The company is urging customers to exercise caution

Montreal-based Vidéotron is warning customers about an increase in phishing attacks related to COVID-19.

The carrier says that customers should exercise caution in order to avoid falling prey to schemes that attempt to obtain personal information.

“People need to be alert to phishing attempts and protect themselves. If you have the slightest doubt, do not respond to the message. Take the time to check it out,” said Pierre Bonin, the senior vice-president of Vidéotron said in a press release.

Since the start of the pandemic, Canadians have lost over $1.2 million CAD to scammers taking advantage of the situation.  The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre says it has received 739 reports since March 6th about attempts to defraud Canadians with pandemic-related scams, and 178 of those attempts succeeded.

Further, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has warned Canadians about a text scam that poses as the federal government offering assistance. He has repeatedly urged Canadians to only obtain information about benefits and other services through government websites.

The Canadian Anti-Fraud Agency has issued several warnings about COVID-19 scams that are targeting Canadians through texts, phone calls, emails and over social media. It’s important to remain vigilant and only access credible sources and to beware of malicious links.

If you think you have come across a scam, be sure to report it.

Source: Vidéotron