Facebook users can now transfer their photos and videos to Google Photos

The social media giant plans to add transfer support for other services in the future

Facebook has launched a tool that lets users in Canada and the U.S. transfer their photos and videos directly to Google Photos.

Users just have to go into the ‘Your Facebook Information’ in their settings, select ‘Transfer a Copy of Your Photos or Videos’ and choose Google Photos from the dropdown menu.

Once you confirm the transfer and enter your Google Photos password, the transfer will begin. Users will receive a notification on Facebook and through email once the transfer is complete.

Facebook says that this new feature stems form its work on the Data Transfer Project, which is a collaborative initiative to create data portability tools that allow users to easily move their data between online services.

“We believe that if you share data with one service, you should be able to move it to another. That’s the principle of data portability, which gives people control and choice while also encouraging innovation,” Facebook notes.

The social media giant says that it will be adding more services that users will be able to transfer their data to, but that it’s starting with Google Photos for now.