OnePlus may release another phone in June

This could be a low-cost competitor to the iPhone SE

A new leak suggests we’ll see a new phone from OnePlus called the OnePlus Z in June of this year.

Before the OnePlus 8 series released there were rumours of a lower-cost device called the OnePlus 8 Lite. That phone never appeared, but now, it appears that it’s been renamed to the OnePlus Z.

The phone is rumoured to use older parts like a flat display and possibly last year’s OnePlus camera tech along with a current MediaTek Dimensity 1000 processor.

Depending on how snappy this little chip is, this could be a good alternative to low-cost and mid-range options from Google and Apple, but if it’s slow, the iPhone SE will likely blow it away.

OnePlus began as a low-cost brand that offered high-end features. Still, its current devices cost over $1,000 in Canada, so a low-cost option could be crucial to rounding out the company’s portfolio primarily since you can’t subsidize the cost of the phone from a Canadian carrier.

Source: Max J (@MaxJmb)