iPhone SE (2020) doesn’t support Haptic Touch notifications

This could be annoying for anyone used to opening notifications with the feature

iPhone SE

Apple’s new iPhone SE (2020) doesn’t support using Haptic Touch to access notifications on the smartphone’s lockscreen like the iPhone 11 series is capable of.

TechCrunch’s Matthew Panzarino recently stated that this isn’t a software oversight on Apple’s part and that the SE is “working as intended.” MacRumors originally reported this software quirk. I’ve tested this out with the iPhone SE and the new smartphone indeed does not feature the ability to access notifications with Haptic Touch.

While not a deal-breaker, especially given the new iPhone SE’s intended audience, it could be frustrating if you’re used to responding to texts, controlling smart home devices and archiving emails with Haptic Touch.

That said, Haptic Touch still works on the iPhone SE’s home screen for app shortcuts. You can also use it to access a notification as is shows up if you’re quick enough to tap on it. It appears the inability to access notifications with Haptic Touch might be a technical limitation of the iPhone SE.

At $599 in Canada, the iPhone SE remains one of the best entry-level smartphones currently available thanks to its powerful A13 processor and camera that matches the iPhone 11 series in terms of quality.

Source: @panzer, MacRumors Via: Engadget