Tesla update allows car to automatically stop at traffic lights/stop signs

This feature will hopefully come to Canadian Teslas soon

A new update is beginning to roll out to Tesla vehicles that will allow them to recognize and obey traffic lights and stop signs.

Tesla’s release notes say that when drivers have either ‘Traffic-Aware Cruise Control’ or ‘Autosteer’ enabled, their car will search around for stop signals and follow them accordingly. That means it’s not a proper ‘Autopilot’ feature. However, the automaker is likely using this as a test before it does roll it out to the Autopilot level self-driving.

To start the car again once it stops at a light, drivers will need to push down on the gear selector once or tap on the accelerator pedal to continue driving when it’s safe.

Tesla says that this feature will act very conservatively at first as it gets used to driving, but should get more natural over time. It also stresses that drivers need to pay attention while using this feature since there are instances where it will fail to react to a stop signal.

So far, it seems like only Tesla owners in the U.S. are receiving this update, but notable electric vehicle blog Electrek states that international users can expect this feature in the summer.

Source: Electrek