Skype gets custom backgrounds for video calls

The feature is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and the web

Skype is launching custom backgrounds for video calls.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still ongoing, there’s significant demand for video calling platforms. Whether people are working from home, or video calling their friends, they’re using one of the many video calling apps out there.

Now, video calling app Skype has added a feature that’s already been available in Zoom: the ability to add custom backgrounds to your desktop calls on Windows, Mac, Linux and the web.

For some reason, the custom backgrounds don’t work in the Microsoft Store version of the app, so you’ll need to grab the file from Skype’s website or use the web version.

To access the custom backgrounds, you’ll have to head to the ‘Audio & Video’ settings. Skype already had the option to blur the backgrounds, so this gives users even more choices.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Skype has experienced a 70 percent jump in users.

Via: Neowin