Gboard testing streamlined copy/paste feature

Hopefully this rolls out to everyone soon

Some users are reporting a new Gboard feature that quickly suggests the option to paste something you recently copied.

Gboard has had an enhanced Clipboard for a while that saves things you copy for an hour, but now it seems to be better at intelligently suggesting when to paste these things.

For instance, if you copy something, the next time you expand the keyboard, it will suggest that you paste it. It’s also smart enough to recognize passwords and displays them as dots so no one looking at your screen can read it. These suggestions pop up above the keyboard where you typically see GIF options, predictive text and more.

As far as we can tell, none of our devices have the option, but the 9to5Google story says it’s running on the beta version of the software at build number There’s a chance that this could only be an A/B test, but a convenient feature like this seems likely to be implemented for everyone at some point.

Source: 9to5Google