Google rolling out more ways to match your voice with Google Assistant

After this new update, it might be worth comparing Alexa and Google again

After leaking last week, Google has officially confirmed that it’s rolling out an update to reduce or increase the sensitivity of the “Ok Google” hot word and more.

Adjusting the hot word sensitivity means it can be easier for the device to hear in loud rooms if you boost it. If you want it to hear you less, like, say, from a few rooms away, you can turn it down.

To also help with this, the company is revamping its ‘Voice Match’ set up to make people say more natural phrases such as Hey Google, play my workout playlist” instead of just “Hey Google.”

The company says that this should help the speakers identify who’s talking to it so it can better tailor its responses. While it’s already had support for multiple users, this should help it tell the difference between similar-sounding voices.

The update seems to be rolling out now so you can retrain your Voice Match in the Google Assistant Settings on your phone.

Source: Google