Google adds COVID-19 news section to Android TV homescreen

One way to stay up to date with the latest news surrounding the pandemic

Google is making it easier for Android TV users to keep up with the latest developments of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In a new blog post, the company has confirmed that Android TV users can now access a dedicated section for COVID-19 news directly from the homescreen. This channel is powered by YouTube and collects stories from a variety of news sources.

Additionally, the homepage now features ‘Stay Home #WithMe’ videos, which feature cooking, music and workouts. Meanwhile, the homepage will also highlight free movies that can be watched on YouTube for free with ads.

These are the new ways that Google is looking to help people stay informed and entertained during the global health crisis. However, the blog post also rounds up existing initiatives, such as its recent move to make Google Stadia free to access with two months of Stadia Pro for anyone with a Gmail account.

Check out the full blog post here.