Samsung to let users measure and track blood pressure with Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung has announced that its Galaxy Watch Active 2 will enable users to measure and track their blood pressure.

The upcoming Samsung Health Monitor app gives users the ability to track their blood pressure to ensure they’re living a healthy life.

When the feature becomes available, you’ll first need to calibrate your watch with the traditional health monitoring cuff. After a few usages, you’ll be able to monitor blood pressure with only your Galaxy Watch Active 2. The wearable measures blood pressure through pulse wave analysis, which it tracks by using its Health Rate Monitoring sensors.

Following that, the program analyzes the relationship between the calibration value (which is why you initially need to use the cuff) and the blood change to determine a user’s blood pressure. However, Samsung says to ensure accuracy, users will have to go through the calibration process at least every four weeks.

Samsung’s Health Monitor app is will be available on the Galaxy Watch Active 2 in the third quarter and will come to other Samsung devices as well.

This information was posted in a Samsung Global press release, so it’s unclear if the feature is coming to Canada. We’ve reached out to Samsung Canada for more information.

Source: Samsung