Google Play Store bug leaves some users without app icons or images

Google is reportedly aware of the problem, which predominantly affects users in South Africa

Google Play Store on Samsung Galaxy S10e

Several Android users have experienced an odd bug on the Google Play Store that causes some app icons and images not to load.

Spotted by Android Authority, a thread on the Google Play Help website, as well as a Reddit thread, have cropped up detailing the issue. People affected by the issue have tried deleting all Play Store updates, clearing the app’s data and rebooting the phone. Both of those worked temporarily, but the problem returned.

Further, using Wi-Fi or cellular data doesn’t seem to affect the issue, and it appears that connection strength isn’t a factor in most cases.

However, Google is reportedly aware of the issue and looking into it, according to a post from a ‘Gold Product Expert’ with the username ‘Byteguy.’ The user goes on to explain that the issue seems to affect people in South Africa predominantly but requests users in other countries to post to the thread if they’re having issues too. For those who do add a post, make sure to include your hardware, Android version and Play Store version.

While it looks like a regional bug of some kind, the issue could also affect people in other places. For my part, the issue hasn’t surfaced on any of the Android devices I’ve tested. However, if you’re based in Canada and experience the problem, let us know down below.

Hopefully Google figures out the problem soon.

Source: Google Play Help, Reddit Via: Android Authority