Google re-naming ‘Wind-down’ mode to ‘Bedtime mode’

Same feature, new name

Google is renaming the ‘Digital Wellbeing’ ‘Wind-down’ mode to ‘Bedtime mode’ to help users understand when to use the feature.

If you’ve never used this mode, it’s useful to turn on a few hours before you go to bed to help you use your phone less. When everything is enabled, it turns on ‘Do not disturb,’ removes the colour from your screen and turns off automatically if you want it to.

I’ve been using this feature since it launched to help stay off social media while I’m lying in bed. For me, I find it very hit-or-miss because it’s easy to turn off the feature from the Android quick settings toggle.

The quick toggle has also been updated with a new icon that features a crescent moon and stars.

Wind down/Bedtime mode on various phones. From left to right, Google Pixel 3, OnePlus 7T, OnePlus 8 Pro.

Overall, I like Bedtime mode. Its section in the Digital Wellbeing toolkit is designed well, but I’m still not sure ‘Bedtime mode’ is the best name. For example, it sounds very similar function-wise to Night mode, which on many smartphones tries to filter blue light out of the screen. With OnePlus devices, there’s also a reading mode that does a few other screen tricks to help make reading on the phone easier.

Each version of the feature does something unique, but they all share similar names, which may be confusing for some. It would also be helpful for Google to automatically turn up or down Night mode when Bedtime mode is engaged like it did in older versions of the app.