Xbox Series X vs PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller: Which gamepad is better?

While the look of the PlayStation 5 still remains a mystery, Sony recently unveiled the upcoming next-gen console’s gamepad, the DualSense On the other hand, Microsoft recently showed off the Xbox Series X’s controller, but unlike Sony, the tech giant also revealed the look of its next video game console.

Microsoft’s Series X controller looks very similar to the Xbox One’s gamepad with a few minor differences. The changes include a redesigned D-pad, a dedicated ‘Share Button’ and an overall form factor that’s slightly different from the previous model.

The DualSense has changed quite a bit when compared to the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4. It features a dual-tone colour design, a built-in microphone, the share button is now called the ‘create button,’ and the light bar on the back is gone and replaced by two small light bars flanking the touchpad.

As expected, the response to the new DualSense could best be described as mixed, while most seemed to be relatively positive about the Xbox Series X’s new gamepad.

Which gamepad do you like more: the DualSense or the new Xbox Series X controller?

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