YouTube reportedly working on feature to skip to relevant parts of a video

Some users are reporting seeing 'video chapters' on select videos

YouTube is reportedly working on a feature that will let users skip to the important parts of a video.

Android Police discovered the feature and notes that ‘video chapters’ are showing up for some users on specific YouTube channels.

The chapters are created based on the timestamps that the creator of the video includes in the description. For instance, if the creator states that the intro is at 0:00 and the review starts at 1:32, chapters will be created for those timestamps.

Android Police notes that if you hover over a chapter, users will see the title of the chapter, which is pulled from the description. Unfortunately, not all YouTube creators include timestamps in their video descriptions, so their videos likely won’t have chapters.

It should be noted that only a limited number of users are reporting having access to this feature, as it appears that YouTube is still developing the feature.

It would be a nice addition to the platform since it would make it easier and quicker to watch a tutorial or informative video by being able to skip to the part of the video that you need.

Source: Android Police