Instagram revamps IGTV app with homepage redesign and new discover tab

The company is trying to garner more users towards the standalone app

Facebook-owned Instagram has redesigned its IGTV app in an attempt to attract more users to the platform by focusing on creators.

The company told The Verge that starting April 13th, the app’s homepage is going to feature a creator that is tailored to users’ specific interests.

IGTV is also now going to feature a discover tab to showcase new content and make it more discoverable. Up until now, the app has been quite simple because it mainly displayed content from people that users followed.

It seems that Instagram is taking a page out from TikTok’s book and adding its own version of a ‘For You’ page to make its content more accessible and discoverable.

Users can now also post their IGTV content to their Instagram Stories with a 15-second snippet. Instagram probably hopes that this new function could attract more users and increase exposure.

The Verge notes that these new updates suggest that Instagram believes that IGTV doesn’t have higher view counts because people aren’t being exposed to the content.

It’s unknown how many people currently use the IGTV app, but despite failed earlier efforts, Instagram is still trying to push the standalone app and garner more users.

Source: The Verge