Toronto General Hospital running phone donation drive to keep patients connected

Bell has donated 50 smartphones and 150 SIM cards to the donation drive

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A doctor at Toronto General Hospital has started a phone donation drive to help patients who don’t have a handset during COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Andrea Somers says that the donation drive is collecting old cellphones and early smartphones to give to patients who are homeless, suffering from addiction or mental health issues.

Somers told CTV News that Bell has already donated 50 smartphones and 150 SIM cards to the drive.

The donation drive also aims to help people who are experiencing difficulty accessing services. For instance, if someone who does not have a phone has been tested for COVID-19, the hospital cannot reach them with a diagnosis because it can take days to get a result.

“These people need to be connected to our health care system, and they need access to all sorts of social and medical resources that you can’t reach during a pandemic if you’re not connected,” Somers told CTV News.

Donations can be mailed to Dr. Somers at 200 Elizabeth Street, R Fraser Elliott Building, Ground floor, Room 480.

Source: CTV News