Telus and Koodo activation fee increase goes into effect on February 13th

All eyes are now on Rogers and Fido to do the same


Telus and flanker brand Koodo are raising their phone activation fees from $35 to $40 later this week on February 13th, as previously confirmed.

This puts Telus and Koodo’s activation fees in line with Bell and Virgin’s, which are also $40. Rogers and its Fido subsidiary still have their activation fees set at $35, but it seems inevitable that this, too, will raise to $40, given what their competition is doing.

Telus and Koodo will apply the $40 fee on all activations processed in-store or over the phone. However, both carriers will waive the fee if you’re activating a phone online.

It’s worth noting that Telus’ mobility fees page still lists $35 per activation, not $40. Nonetheless, expect to pay $40 if you’re activating or renewing a phone.