Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip will be able to fold at a variety of angles: rumour

'Free Stop' allows the handset to do hands-free video calling

The Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung’s upcoming foldable, seems to have a few more tricks in store for us.

Well known 17-year-old leaker, Ishan Agarwal, has leaked new information and clearer renders of the upcoming handset. The Z Flip will reportedly sport a side-facing fingerprint sensor embedded directly in its power button.

Additionally, Agarwal says the phone has special fibres inside prevent dust from entering the hinge. This was an issue with Samsung’s previous foldable, the Galaxy Fold. The Z Flip will also feature ‘Free Stop,’ letting it lock at a variety of angles. Setting it at a 90-degree angle will let the device serve as its own stand to watch videos and for hands-free video calling.

The phone has its own dedicated software that comes to life when it’s at the 90-degree angle. According to Agarwal, there will be a viewing area and a control area, which reminds me of the Nintendo 3DS without its hardware buttons. Furthermore, the 1.05-inch cover display will show notifications, check calls, time and battery.

The foldable also has a ‘Pro Video Mode,’ though Agarwal doesn’t expand on this feature. Lastly, it might also launch in a ‘Mirror Gold’ colour.

A live video of the handset in action recently leaked here. Samsung is rumoured to have plans to unveil the Z Flip on February 11th at its Unpacked event.

Image Credit: Ishan Agarwal (@ishanagarwal24)

Source: Ishan Agarwal (@ishanagarwal24)