Fido customers can win one year of free service in new Xtra contest

The contest runs year-round and has 10 winners each month

Fido Xtra

Rogers flanker brand Fido is launching a new contest through its ‘Xtra’ program that could net you one year of free service.

Fido Xtra is a service included in the carrier’s postpaid plans that offers weekly rewards through the Fido MyAccount app. Every Thursday, Fido customers can check the app for exclusive deals from brands and other rewards.

In the case of this contest, Fido will run it through Xtra year-round starting February 6th. Every month, the carrier will pick 10 winners, who will receive a one-time credit that represents a year of Fido service for one mobile line or internet service.

Fido subscribers can enter the contest daily through Xtra in the Fido MyAccount app. The carrier will contact winners through that app as well.

Further, the first round of the contest ends on March 4th. The MyAccount app will display a message for winners at the top of the Xtra section starting on March 12th.

Finally, to be eligible for the contest, customers must be an existing Fido mobile or internet postpaid customer before February 6th, 2020. On top of that, Fido Xtra will continue offering weekly rewards every Thursday during the duration of the contest.

You can learn more on Fido’s website or in the MyAccount app on your Fido device.