EdenApp is the ‘Uber of snow removal’ for the Toronto area

While this winter has been pretty good in terms of snow, it’s possible the weather might get worst. With that in mind, the EdenApp is launching with the goal of being the “Uber of snow removal.”

The EdenApp is available on iOS and Android devices or directly through the company’s website.

Here’s how it works below:

  • Signup – Users will signup and include information about their property on the app.
  • Quote – Once you provide the details and include suggested add-ons and provide a quote.
  • Job Posted – Once you accept the quote, the job is posted to a nearby, licensed contractor network, sort of similar to Uber.
  • Pickup – One of the contractors will pick it up and begin the job with “before” photos. A chat will become available via the EdenApp for the duration of the job allowing for continuous communication.
  • Completion – Contractor completes the job and will send “after” photos to the user for verification.
  • Payment – You’ll have to accept the completed job and then they’ll have to pay it immediately.

This app is available for residents in the Toronto and surrounding areas. The EdenApp also features tree trimming, mulching, hardscape work and lawn care.