Virgin Mobile to increase $65/10GB plan price by $5 in March

Virgin is following the lead of its parent company, Bell

On January 12th, a report came out indicating that Bell is going to increase its $65/10GB BYOD plan in March. Now, Bell’s sub-brand, Virgin Mobile, will also increase its plan by $5 in March.

“We’ve started to let Members know about the upcoming $5 increase to this plan,” a Virgin Mobile spokesperson told MobileSyrup via email.

The plan will be $70/10GB starting in March. Virgin’s plan was originally $60 for 10GB, but the carrier increased the plan by $5 back in March 2019.

Now, a year later, the company has increased the plan by another $5.

Even though these customers originally had a promotion for $70/10GB, the company currently offers $75/10GB meaning that there’s still $5 worth of savings.

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