Facebook bans deepfakes to prevent spread of misleading content

The social media giant will remove content that uses AI to appear legitimate


Facebook is banning deceptive deepfakes and some types of modified content on its platform to prevent the spread of misleading content.

It will remove content that uses artificial intelligence or machine learning to appear authentic. The platform is essentially going to remove content that looks so real that the average person would be unable to determine that it’s fake.

The social media giant says it will also remove content that has been edited to make it seem like a person in a video is saying words they didn’t actually say.

Facebook has stated that the policy doesn’t apply to content that is satire, or to videos that have been edited to solely change the order of words.

The social media giant recently launched its Deepfake Detection Challenge last month. The challenge is a collaborative initiative that aims to create new technologies that can detect deepfakes and manipulated media.

Facebook also recently unveiled its newly updated Privacy Checkup tool that lets users control who can see what they share and how their information is used.

It seems that Facebook’s recent efforts are an attempt to regain users’ confidence following several privacy issues, such as the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Source: Facebook