Samsung The Sero’ swivelling TV launching in several global markets in 2020

The swivelling TV was designed for the TikTok generation

Samsung launched a weird rotating TV called ‘The Sero‘ back in April, but it was only available in South Korea. The TV’s screen is capable of swivelling from the typical landscape orientation to portrait, which is better suited for content like Snapchat, Instagram Stories and TikTok content.

In 2020, Samsung will bring this TV designed for generation Z consumers to several global markets.

The Sero connects to smartphones or tablets over NFC and can mirror whatever is on your smaller screen. If you’re using a Samsung smartphone, the phone will swivel automatically depending on the content on-device. iPhone users will have to use the remote control to switch the screen to portrait manually, but the Sero does include full AirPlay 2 support.

For the TV to swivel, it sports a non-removable stand, which includes a 4.1-channel, 60 watt speaker system inside with Bixby control.

The TV also features a 43-inch 4K quantum-dot QLED screen. In South Korea, the television costs 1.9 million won (roughly $2,109 CAD), which is kind of a lot for a 43-inch TV, even if it swivels.

Alongside the Sero, which is part of the company’s ‘lifestyle’ TV lineup, Samsung is bringing more size variants to the Serif and the Frame QLED TVs.

The Serif now comes in 43, 49, and 55-inches, and also features AirPlay 2 support and NFC for Android devices. On the other hand, the Frame comes in 75, 50, and 32-inch screen sizes.

Samsung designed the Serif to blend with the room’s aesthetic while Samsung designed the Frame to be a piece of artwork when you’re not watching TV.

Source: Samsung