Intel claims upcoming H-series i7 processors will run faster than 5GHz

It'll also scale better across eight cores, improving performance


Intel’s new 10th Gen H-series Core i7 processors reportedly make a significant performance leap and surpass the 5GHz barrier.

The chipmaker made the announcement at CES, noting that the new chips were headed to laptops  — in fact, some companies, including Acer, have already announced laptops with H-series i7 processors.

Engadget notes that the new chips will be faster than the current top-of-the-line Intel Core i9 H-series processor, the 9980HK. It maxes out at 5GHz.

While impressive that Intel is surpassing 5GHz — and not exactly surprising, the company had to get there eventually — it is surprising that it’s doing so in an i7 instead of an i9. Likely, that means the next i9 will be even faster.

Aside from raw speed, the new H-series processors will scale better across eight cores, which in itself should produce a significant performance boost.

Beyond that, Intel wouldn’t say more, but we will likely learn more during its CES keynote on Monday.

Source: Engadget