Toronto has new bylaws for ride-sharing drivers, here’s what you need to know

The new rules went into effect on January 1st, 2020

There are new, more strict bylaws for ride-hailing services that went into effect on January 1st in Toronto.

The new rules won’t affect customers, but rather drivers of services like Uber and Lyft.

Drivers now must complete a city-approved training program; existing drivers have until the end of the year, while new drivers must complete training starting June 1st.

The training program teaches drivers about safe driving, driving in urban environments, anti-racism and sensitivity, the CBC reported.

Drivers are also now required to have at least three years of experience driving a vehicle, as opposed to the one year they needed to have before.

All vehicles must have a “watch for bike” notice, and companies need to send a notification to customers indicating that they should be watchful of bikers before exiting vehicles.

Drivers have a notice that indicates whether or not they are using a camera to record passengers, and they also need to mount handheld devices securely inside their vehicle.

The CBC added that the new bylaws also include a fund that aims to offset the cost of providing wheelchair accessible services. Uber and Lyft will be paying 10 cents per trip towards this new accessibility fund.

Source: CBC