Google Home app gets new personalized results menu for smart displays

There's also a new Banner notifications setting

A small tweak rolling out to the Google Home app brings some needed clarity to how some settings work on some Google Home devices.

Spotted by 9to5Google, the tweaks add clarity to the personalization and notifications settings in the app, especially in relation to the Nest Hub device.

For those unfamiliar with the settings, Google Home displays and speakers can push notifications to users through the ‘Personal Results’ setting. This setting now resides under a new ‘Recognition & Personalization’ menu within the ‘Device settings’ page for a given smart display or speaker.

Google Home app Recognition & Personalization menu

In my testing, the menu shows up for the Google Home and Mini speakers, as well as the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max and some Lenovo smart displays. 9to5 says the menu is part of the latest Google Home app (version 2.15 or 2.16+ on Android). I found it was also available on the iPhone version of the Home app.

The menu includes a toggle for allowing Personal Results as well as options for how personal results will appear on a given device.

Banner notifications menu and iOS Home app

Additionally, the Home app sports a new ‘Banner notifications’ setting under the ‘Photo Frame’ menu for smart displays. If you have Personal Results turned on, along with the new ‘Ultrasound sensing‘ feature Google recently launched, this will allow a display to detect if you’re physically nearby and then show notifications for “upcoming events, flights and more.”

While there isn’t much new here in the way of functionality, the new menus and settings options should make it easier to get information pushed to you automatically through your smart display.

Source: 9to5Google