Drivers who park gas or diesel cars in electric spots to be fined $125 in Ontario

The new change is effective immediately

Drivers in Ontario who park their gas or diesel cars in a spot designated for electrics cars will be fined $125, following a change to the Highway Traffic Act.

The same fine will apply to drivers who park their electric cars at a charging station but aren’t attached to the station’s charging equipment.

Green Party House Leader MPP Paul Calandra brought the bill forward on June 4th, and it was co-sponsored by Guelph MPP and Green leader Mike Schreine. The bill passed its third reading on December 12th.

Schreiner says that the next step is to get the Progressive Conservatives to invest in the development of more electric car charging infrastructure in Ontario. This involves providing businesses with incentives to install vehicle charging stations.

“Having policies in place to put more chargers in government-owned parking lots so that way, as more and more people move to electric vehicles, they have the confidence that they’ll be able to charge those vehicles and get on with their travels,” Schreiner told the CBC.

This change to the Highway Traffic Act is effective immediately.

Source: CBC