You need to clean Apple’s pricey Pro Display XDR with a special cloth

The special cleaning cloth likely has something to do with the display's Nano-texture technology

Mac Pro

Apple’s expensive, ultra-high-end, Pro Display XDR costs an astounding $6,299 CAD — and that’s without the additional ‘Nano-texture glass,’ which brings the price up to $7,499.

If you opt for the more expensive, glare-reducing screen, don’t assume you can just clean the Pro Display XDR with a generic screen cleaner and microfiber cloth. According to Apple support documents regarding the display, its Nano-texture glass can only be cleaned with a special “dry polishing cloth” that comes with the screen.

It’s unclear why Apple says you can only use this special cloth to clean the screen, but it likely has something to do with the Nano-texture technology. The Pro Display XDR’s nanometer finish has been “etched into the glass to maintain contrast and the screen’s matte finish, so perhaps its incredibly delicate.

The only way to get another one of these special cloths if you happen to lose yours is through Apple’s support line. It’s unclear how much a replacement cloth costs.

The cloth even requires specific cleaning instructions: wash it by hand with dish soap and water, rinse it and then let it air dry for 24 hours. It’s almost shocking that the magical cloth can be washed with regular dish soap and not some sort of specialized fluid.

The Pro Display XDR’s various accessories are also rather pricey. For example, the ‘Pro Stand’ is priced at $1,299, with the Vesa Mount adapter costing $249.

Apple’s new Mac Pro, on the other hand, maxes out at $73,396 for the highest-end version of the powerful desktop.

Source: Apple Via: MacRumors