Insurance companies have apps and they make expense claiming a breeze

It's almost 2020, there's an app for everything now

If you have some form of benefits with your work there’s a good chance you can download a mobile app that will make claiming your expenses easy.

Some popular insurance companies in Canada all offer insurance apps that offer a handful of features.

For example, the TD Insurance app has a car ‘Accident toolkit’ that details how to start a claim after your in an accident and what steps to take.

Other apps, like GroupNet, give users quick access to what things their plan covers while also allowing them to submit claims for vision, drugs and other things.

Other apps have even more features, but the main draw of all these apps is to streamline making a claim.

Some notable apps we’ve found are:

Overall, if you are insured through one of these providers and you don’t have the app it’s likely a worthwhile addition to your phone