You will soon be able to edit your face into videos on Snapchat

The feature is essentially a way to create deepfake GIFs of yourself


Snapchat is getting ready to launch a new feature that lets users edit their own faces into videos and then share them.

The feature, which is called Snapchat Cameo, is basically a way to create deepfake GIFs of yourself. It is also a way for users to convey a reaction or emotion in a funny way in Snapchat messages.

Some Snapchat users in France have received a test version of the feature and have shared videos of it on Twitter.

Snapchat confirmed to TechCrunch that the feature is currently being tested in some international markets. It also confirmed that it hasn’t been fully developed yet but will be making its global debut soon.

To get started with the feature, you’ll have to take a selfie and then choose a male or female body type. Cameo will be accessible through the Bitmoji button in the messaging keyboard.

There will then be a number of short videos that you can choose from. The app will then move and stretch your selfie to make it fit into the heads that appear in the videos. Once the video has been processed, you can share it in the chat.

With Instagram and WhatsApp successfully copying Snapchat’s story feature into their platforms, Snapchat has to get ahead with its chat features and that’s what it seem to be doing with Cameo.

Source: TechCrunch