Jay Z is back on Spotify

It is unclear why Jay Z's work is returning now on Spotify, but enjoy it

If you’ve been a loyal Spotify user and wished Jay Z was on the platform, you don’t have to wish any longer because he’s back.

To celebrate his 50th birthday, the rapper and owner of the rival streaming service, Tidal, returned his entire music catalogue to Spotify users. His work left Apple Music and Spotify in April 2017, The Verge noted. It was then restored back on Apple Music, but not on Spotify.

Spotify tweeted on December 4th: “Happy Birthday, Hov Welcome back to Spotify.”

Jay Z has not made a statement or indicated why he was coming back on the streaming service. But until then, stream all you want Jay Z fans.

Image credit: Flickr

Source: @Spotify Via: The Verge