Apple blocks downgrades to iOS 13.2.2 following iOS 13.2.3 release

Users will no longer be able to downgrade to the older version of iOS


Apple has stopped signing iOS 13.2.2, which means that users can no longer downgrade from iOS 13.2.3 to the older version.

Downgrading to older iOS builds is common among the jailbreak community and those who experience bugs after updating to the newest version of iOS. Users usually do this through iTunes, but can no longer do so with iOS 13.2.2 following news that Apple is no longer signing it.

Apple wants all users to be on the latest version of iOS due to security reasons and to ensure that people are getting the best experience that is currently available.

The release of iOS 13.2.3 brought improvements to background app performance and the Mail and Messages apps.

Additionally, iOS 13.3 is currently in beta testing and will possibly be the next launch of iOS with further improvements and tweaks.

Source: 9to5Mac